Scott has been taking photographs since he was 12 years old when he was given his first camera by a family member. He has been through many phases in his photographic life, from learning to develop black and white film in his own darkroom to finally embracing digital photography and becoming skilled at digital photo editing. (He may even take the occasional iPhone photo for fun...but he doesn't like to talk about that too much.)

Stephanie hasn't been a photographer for nearly as long, but she knows what she likes. Photos of people and animals, busy city shots and street photography are her favorites. She specializes in babies and more than anything, loves shooting birth photography. When she and Scott first met in 1998, she was so impressed with his pictures, and she learned that when Scott invited her to see his darkroom, it wasn't just a cleverly indecent proposal. ;-)

Stephanie and Scott have been married since 2002, and ever since then, she has been, gently persuading Scott that he should share his photography with the world. He finally realized that she'd been right all along and together, Scott and Stephanie Martin created SM Squared Photography. And lived happily ever after. The end.